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Owning its name from the 2 Greek Words "Dios"(= Lord Zeus) and "Anthos" (= Flower) Carnation is a pinkish-purple Bloom that is indigenous to Eurasia. Though Blossoming naturally in the exquisite shade of pinkish-purple, Carnation is also bred in the Colours of Dark Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

In relation to their dimension and count, the Flower Carnation is of 3 types:

Large Blossom Carnations: 1 large Blossom out-Blooms on each stem.

Dwarf Blossom Carnations: Uncountable minute Blossoms out-Bloom on each stem.

Mini Carnations or Spray Carnations: Knife-like inflorescence of numerous Blossoms.

Universally acclaimed as the "Flowers of God", Carnation Stunning Red Carnations is regarded as the first Flower to get created over the surface of the earth. This Blossom is also considered to be the utmost angelic Blossom as the faith remains that the Pink Carnation appeared from the tear-drops of Virgin Mary when she lamented Jesus' death.

An account on the importance of the diverse Colours of Carnation is mentioned herein:

Carnations (all colours) > The beat-sound of a woman's heart who has fallen in love.

White Carnations > Spiritual love and sprightly salutation, Warmth for the close ones of a belated individual.

Light Red Carnations > Sensitivity of Esteem for a person, Happy Birthday Message

Dark Red Carnations > Transmitting to one's loved one the feeling of missing him/her, Mother's Day Greetings

Yellow Carnations > Heartache and distress.

Purple Carnations > Fantasy

Pink Carnations > Logo of the delicate love of mother, Mother's Day Wishes

Flecked Carnations > Sensation of agony and message of denial.

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