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Chrysanthemum is a tropical Bloom which is inherent to the lands of Eurasia. Originally of Colour golden, this Flower possesses an ornate pompon texture and are Japan's most popular Flower. Called by the name of "Kikus" in Japan, the name of Chrysanthemum is made up of the two Greek Words of 'Chrys' (= Golden) and 'Anthemon' (= Flower). It is believed that Chrysanthemum was first bred in Japan during the time-phase of 15th Century B.C essentially as a Flowering herb.

Adored by the nickname of 'Mums', Chrysanthemums are the utmost pretty perennial Flowering plants which begin Flowering along with the emergence of the season of fall. 'Mums' are also popular as the chosen Bloom of the November month.

The Blossoms of Chrysanthemum get composed by innumerable solitary Flowers that are called florets. The disk florets are in the center of the Flower head and the ray florets encircle them. The string of ray florets are of shades yellow, white and red. The disc florets are mainly of yellow hue.

The bright Chrysanthemum, in its original golden shade, is venerated by the Japanese culture as the sun's symbol. At the time of the 8th century, the Japanese Emperor gave the 'Mums' the honor of being his official logo. The pattern in which the disk and ray florets are laid-out categorize the Chrysanthemum into the following 4 sorts:

Irregular Incurves - The Disk florets remain concealed in layers of curved ray florets that bent down to make a skirt-like texture.

Reflex Form - The disk florets are enclosed and the ray florets make an outward reflex thereby displaying a mop-shape design.

Pompon Form - A fully double-sized elliptical constitution.

Anemone Form - The spoon-shaped disk florets possess an enlarged composition hiding the ray florets that own the pattern of a spatula.

Spider Form - The disk florets are obscured and the ray florets have a tubular shape with twisted and sharpened ends. The ray florets are affixed loosely surround the stem.

An account on the importance of the diverse Colours of Carnation is mentioned herein:

White Chrysanthemums > Wholesome and stainless truth

Red Chrysanthemums > Eternal phrase of 'I Love You'

Yellow Chrysanthemums > Wounded Love

White/Blue/Green Chrysanthemums > Apt for attending or sending thoughts during Condolence Times

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