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In the world of flora and fauna, Magnolia is the utmost ancient Flowering plant. It is inherent to the areas of North and Central America and West Indies. Magnolia derives its name from the name of the French botanist Pierre Magnol. This Bloom grows up to a broadness of 3-12 inches in diameters and in hues of purple, white and pink. The distinctive feature of this Flower is that it doesn't create honey (since it is constituted with petal-like tepals and not with actual petals and sepals) and give birth to huge numbers of pollens. For the fact of appearing prior to the bees, Magnolia can only be pollinated by the beetles and not by the bees. A North American primitive, the Southern Magnolia Flowering plant scales up to a dimension of 50 feet.

The American States of Louisiana and Mississippi acclaim Magnolia to be their official state Flower. Mississippi is entitled as the "Magnolia State" and the American city of Houston is celebrated as "The Magnolia City" for the profusion of Magnolias through-over the Buffalo Bayou. The incense Magnolia, is also well-known as Siebold's Magnolia (Magnolia Sieboldii) and is further North Korea's national Flower. Vintage Chinese medicine used the buds and bark of the Magnolia plant for pacifying angiogenic and anxiety disorders. It is also regarded as useful for healing lung ailments, chest clogging, muscle stiffness and stomach problems.

An account on the importance of the diverse Colours of Carnation is mentioned herein:

Magnolias (all colours) > Life's Womanly Dynamics.

White Magnolia > Virtue, Glory, the logo of Moon or any lunar Goddess and Monday Wizardry.

Yellow Magnolia > Logo of Sun or any solar Goddess or God and for Sunday Wizardry.

Pink Magnolia > Emblem of love Goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite and the depiction of womanliness, passion and mate-hood.

Purple Magnolia > Symbol of Roman majesty and supernaturally believed to positively affect government achievements.

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