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Orchid is the distinctive tropical Flowering plant that owns an unique curled-at-the-top texture and radiant petals measuring upto 30 inches. It is a luminous Bloom that is inherent to the temperate zones of Australia's southern part and to the other tropical zones of the earth. One true mark of liveliness, Orchid ever fails to arrest the thoughts of Flower-lovers and is always, be it the old time or the present time, a fit choice of gift for life's special one.

The 2 eminent types of Orchids are:

Monopodial Orchids - They are composed of a middle stem for growth and no false Flowering bulbs. In these plants, Flowers are created from the stems amidst the leaves.

Symbodial Orchids - They are made up with a Rhizome that initiates a shoot's birth. This shoot consequently transforms into a stem and with time from it the green foliage and Blooms get created. The base of this growth lets to the creation of another new shoot and the alike process keeps on repeating.

Orchid Favorite Collection 8 Orchid Stems Bouquet is the most known exotic Bloom and is much preferred as a present for messaging to an individual the felt-for admiration for the one's elegance and personality. Orchid is also the symbol of a true 'Pretty Woman' and the perfect messenger of the feeling of being sorry. Its long-term enduring capability makes it the perfect messenger. Gifting Orchids on the first date is believed to be a gesture of thoughtfulness and reverence for the recipient. At the time of Father's Day, falling on the 3rd Sunday of every June, Orchid Bloom makes a fine token to gift and to express regards and heartiness for one's father.

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