Goddess Durga - Portray of a Woman

Goddess Durga is the highest form of Shakti or the divine energy. The word 'Durga' in Sanskrit means something that cannot be reached or destroyed. Thus, Goddess Durga, divine protector of all her devotees protects them from all sorts of evils and troubles. 

Hinduism gives supreme place to Goddess Durga. The Goddess is said to be the powerful mix of three forms of feminine powers of Goddess Lakshmi - the representation of wealth and happiness, Goddess Kali - the representation of evil destruction and Goddess Saraswati - the representation of knowledge and education.

In Hinduism, the representation of Goddess Durga is so powerful. She is depicted as possessing all powerful weapons in her hands. She also shows the path of knowledge and salvation through some mudras in some of her hands.

Spiritual Explanation of Goddess Durga

Here is a spiritual explanation of the meaning and symbolism of weapons the Goddess carries and her hand gestures:

1.Chakra: Represents the performance of one's duties without fail.

2.Conch: Symbolises cheer and happiness while performing one's duties.

3.Bow and Arrow: Explains that one should not lose their character in spite of any difficulties

4.Lotus Flower: Detachment from worldly attractions

5.Club: Devotion and ultimate surrendering to the Divinity.

6.Trishul: Emphasizes courage and elimination of evil from our lives and hearts.

7.Besides this the Mother's hand also symbolizes forgiveness and blessings to her devotees.

Goddess Durga always sits on a lion or tiger. It is her vehicle. Such posture of hers depicts the victory of good over evil. The animal (tiger or lion) represents the bad qualities in us such as greed, anger, selfishness, arrogance, etc. Her posture of sitting on the tiger implies that one should have a control over all their own bad qualities.

Similarly, in many occasions powerful women in the Indian society are typically called as Durga. Not just that, Hinduism says every woman is a Durga of her own. Her innate energies come out in their fiery form as and when need arises.

Woman and Her Inner Durga

As a mother, a woman is ready to do anything for her children. She would never think herself as weak and brings out all her energies - mentally, physically and emotionally for protecting her children. 

A woman, especially in India, is known for her sacrifice. She can sacrifice anything for her family - her career, money, health, time, energy, her priorities, etc. for the sake of her family. She surrenders herself to the family with utmost love.

When she senses something wrong for her family or for herself, she never thinks twice to take a decision and put it into practice to kill that badness and protect herself and her family.

Morals and standard are something that make Indian women unique across the globe. Indian culture and tradition imparts morals and traditions to Indian women by birth.

A woman takes care of her children's education by doing everything they want. In other words, every mother is the first teacher or the Goddess Saraswati to her children. 

A woman can forgive anyone easily. Her heart is full of kindness and love that would even make the worst enemy to appreciate her kindness and forgiveness.

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