The Legends Behind Rakhi Celebrations and Affordable Gift Ideas for your Brother

Legends behind Rakhi festival

Draupadi and SriKrishna: A popular Rakhi story well known tomost of us is of Krishna and Draupadi. Once when Sri Krishna was injured in hisfinger, his sister Draupadi tore her saree and tied the cloth as his bandage.For which, Krishna promised that he would protect her at all times. It is saidthat this started the practice of tying the sacred thread as a symbol ofprotection. 

Santoshi Maa and Shubh-Labh: Lord Ganesha andhis sister Manasa are very affectionate. They used to celebrate Raksha Bandhanwith great joy. Mesmerized by the beauty of the celebrations,the sons of Ganesha Shubh and Labh asked him that they too want a sister so that they canalso celebrate this occasion. Then, Ganesha mixed his divine powers along with his wives - Riddhi and Siddhi and created Santoshi Maata, the sister of Shubhand Labh. This explains the beauty of having a sister and getting a Rakhi tiedby her.

Affordable Gift Ideas for brother for Rakhi

1.Cadbury Celebrations Pack with Silver plated Rakhi: Can we imagine the Rakhi festival without chocolates?Here's one perfect pick to treat your brother on this Rakhi.

2.Relishing Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and a special Pooja Thali with Rakhi, Roli Tilak, and Chawal: One of the comprehensive Rakhi gifts you could ever find anywhere. The best gift to celebrate Rakhi in both traditional and trendy ways.

3.Decorative Thali with Soan Papdi N Personalized Photo Rakhi: Personalized Rakhis are the best way to deliver Rakhi wishes to your brother. This combo brings along premium Soan Papdi and a beautiful personalized Rakhi to surprise your brother.

4.Plantable Rakhi in Rakhi Solo Box N Assortments Combo: Why not go green this Rakhi festival? Choose this plantable Rakhi and assortments set to thrill your brother on this beautiful festival.

5.Auspicious Om Rakhi with Delicious Baked Rasgulla from Kolkata famous sweet shop Balaram Mallik: What is your brother's favorite sweet? Hmm..if you are alittle confused, why not give him the choice of relishing? This lip smacking and perfectly curated sweets would be thoroughly relished by your brother and family members. Bonus? You also get a premium Rakhi and Roli chawal along with this gift set.

Have the sweete stand most memorable Rakhi festival!

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