Post Holi Body Care Tips

Playing with colours on Holi festival can be unbeatable fun and memorable. The joy, beats of music and dance amidst colours are something that everyone would never want to miss. Unfortunately, the recent days' synthetic colours and chemicals are causing unwanted side effects on skin. 

Many users of such chemicals often notice irritation or itching on the skin the next day of Holi. Others even complained about colour not being removed in one wash and making marks on their skin and hair.

However, this trouble can be avoided with simple tips if followed - both pre Holi and post Holi. This post gives such simple and effective tips that works wonders in dealing with hassles of Holi colours.

Pre Holi Body Care Tips

Before and on the day of Holi, deep message your skin and hair with a vitamin rich oil. You can choose olive or coconut or sesame oil as per your convenience. This step would drastically reduce the amount of colour that would seep into your skin on Holi day

Do not leave your hair open. This may look good in pictures when you are playing, but you will find it tough to clean later on. Leaving hair open may damage the sensitive skin on hair and also the hair strands. Deep nourish the hair with warm oil and tie up the hair into bun. This will give least exposure to chemicals and colours and makes cleaning easier later on.

Apply sunscreen all over the parts that could be exposed for colours. Cover your lips densely with a layer of petroleum jelly and protect them from harsh chemicals. 

Wear clothes that cover your body fully- full sleeves and high neck and bottom wear that covers till your toes. This is a sure shot way to deal with the effect of colours that would otherwise damage your skin.

For protecting your nails from absorbing Holi colours, paint them densely with dark coloured nail paint. 

Preferably use organic colours such as turmeric or colours extracted from trees and vegetables.

Post Holi Body Care Tips

Soon after playing with Holi colours end, start your cleaning routine. Give less time span for colours to show their effect and keep your skin safer.

Make a pack of curd, besan and turmeric and apply on the areas that have colours. You can also use this as full body scrub or pack to effectively remove colours from your skin. 

For cleaning hair, first use plain normal water or plain luke warm water as per your preference and wash colours from hair. Then use a mild shampoo and deep wash your hair. Do not forget to apply conditioner and leave on for some time before giving a final wash.

After the bath, apply a gentle moisturiser all over the body to replenish that lost moisture due to chemicals and bathing. This would bring back the suppleness to your skin and makes you ready for your Holi lunch with delicious Gujiya and Thandai among other Holi special recipes!

Clean your nail with nail polish remover and massage them with nourishing oil and let them breathe happily for a while, before you apply your next nail paint.

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